What is flybuys?

flybuys, Australia’s most popular loyalty program and the loyalty program for Coles MasterCard.

flybuys membership is free and your points never expire providing you collect or redeem points at least once a year.


How does flybuys work on a Coles MasterCard?

As a Coles MasterCard customer, you’re automatically signed up to flybuys if you weren’t already, so there’s no hassle.

Even better, your Coles MasterCard is also your flybuys card – so by scanning the flybuys barcode on the back of the card, you’ll maximise the points you collect.  And, any eligible purchases made by an additional cardholder on your account will also collect flybuys points for the flybuys membership linked to the Coles MasterCard account.

You’ll be able to view the flybuys points activity on your credit card either by checking out your monthly Coles MasterCard account statement account or by logging into the Online Service Centre.


flybuys participants

flybuys participants include: First Choice Liqor, Coles Express, Kmart Tyre and Auto, Target Country, Liqorland, Coles, BiLo, Target, Liqorland Direct and Kmart 

Terms & conditions

1 flybuys points awarded for using a Coles MasterCard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition to flybuys points awarded by flybuys partners. Eligible transactions are explained in the Coles MasterCard Loyalty Terms and Conditions (PDF, 304kb). Eligible transactions exclude cash advances, credit fees or charges, credits, refunds, reimbursements, business purchases or balance transfers into your account. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see flybuys.com.au. Note that partners’ earn rates vary. 

2 2,000 flybuys points are required to redeem $10 off at the checkout each time. Excludes Coles Express, Coles Local and Coles Online. Minimum spend is $10.05 after savings and discounts in one transaction at Coles Supermarkets and BI-LO (excluding smoking/tobacco related product purchases, Coles Group gift cards and iTunes cards).