Winter is here

Winter is here

Coles Financial Services 30th Jul 2015 in Car insurance

We are now deep into the winter months, which means that more and more people are taking their cars to get from A to B, rather than walking or taking public transport in the icy, finger-numbing cold.

Along with the AFL season and a spike in hot water-bottle sales, winter brings with it an increased risk of incidents. The days are darker, which means lower visibility and the roads are wetter, so your car could take longer to stop in an emergency.

There are a some steps that drivers can take to improve their safety on the roads this winter, as well as the safety of passengers and other drivers. One smart and simple tip is to double the “three second rule” when you’re driving in the wet; that is, ensure that there are six seconds between you and the car ahead of you (instead of three). It’s easy to estimate this using an object on the side of the road, like a tree or a lamppost.

If you find yourself driving at night, especially on a longer journey, it’s important to be well-rested. Make use of rest stops on the side of the road and take regular naps if you start to feel drowsy.

For more tips on keeping your car and passengers safe and sound this winter, check out our infographic.

infographic illustrating car tips for keeping cars and passengers safe this winter.

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