How to make your old car feel new

Coles Financial Services 21st Jul 2016 in Car insurance

Is your car beginning to look a little old and tired? You may be tempted to replace it with the latest model, but that’s a big decision – and an expensive one. Provided your car is basically sound, consider a makeover instead. For a much smaller cost, you can recapture that new car feeling again.

Clean sweep

A comprehensive detailing package including a cut and polish may cost a few hundred dollars and take some days to complete, but when you see how many years it knocks off your car’s appearance, you’ll agree it was money well spent.

A cut and polish will have your car’s bodywork looking as shiny as the day it left the showroom. The process involves a deep clean, machine polishing to remove the dull outer layer of paint, and the application of a high-quality gloss sealant.

A thorough detailing will include:

  • Seats and carpet both vacuumed and shampooed
  • All interior plastic, vinyl and leather including dashboard polished and rejuvenated
  • Interior deodorised
  • Exterior plastics and rubbers including tyres cleaned and dressed with a protectant
  • Boot cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Engine bay cleaned

A deep steam clean of your seats and carpets can go the extra mile to remove persistent odours and stains.

Smell test

Because it’s dark and damp, your car's air conditioning system can easily become a breeding ground for mould and germs, which bring about odour and can aggravate allergies.

You can tackle the problem with a DIY product that is sprayed into the vents, or opt for professional cleaning that may use ozone, ultrasound or other advanced treatments.

Seal of approval

As your vehicle gets older, the rubber seals around your car’s doors can pull away from the door frame and leave gaps, letting in cold or hot air, dust, water and wind noise from outside.

Really perished seals may warrant total replacement, otherwise it is not too hard to repair or reattach seals yourself.

Wipe up

Wiper blades have a tough time of it, so they need replacing every years or so. Buying and fitting new rubber blade refills is a cheap and easy way to make a clear difference to your view. Doing it yourself will also help to save some money. If done as part of your car’s service, you’ll find the parts to have their own mark up on cost.

Light work

Scratched, clouded and yellowed headlight covers not only date your car’s appearance, they can be a safety hazard.

You can have them professionally refurbished (this may also be included in a good car detailing), or you can tackle the job yourself. It has even been said that toothpaste can help clean those pesky foggy headlights.

A Wheel difference

New tires will give you a quieter and smoother ride, not to mention improved safety and fuel efficiency. Opt for a trusted brand, and always ensure you match your manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of size, speed rating and load rating.

Sound advice

A good-quality car sound system can make driving a real pleasure. However, upgrading your car stereo is not a decision to take lightly, as it may be integrated with other electronics such as climate control and satellite navigation systems. Speak to a professional car audio dealer about what could work best on your vehicle.

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