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How to entertain your kids at home these school holidays

Coles Financial Services 29th Mar 2016 in Home insurance

“Mum, I’m booooooooored.” Sound familiar? It’s easy to run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained when the school holidays come around. Here are some thought-starters to make sure everyone has a great break.

Get crafty

Got a budding architect in the family? If they’ve had enough of their regular construction toys, let them try their building skills on a larger scale! Visit a local store, like Bunnings, where they have spare cardboard boxes to give away. You’ll also need plenty of packing tape, textas, and stickers. Set the children up in a large open space, and see what they can make. A spaceship? A dinosaur? A castle?

For something a bit easier, teach the kids how to make necklaces out of pasta or cereal. Grab a roll of string from your local Coles, a packet of pasta, and a box of fruit loops and let their creativity take over.

Start cooking

If there’s anything kids love more than making things − it’s eating! And anything that can be a bit messy is a bonus in their eyes. Fruit skewers are an easy win, with the added bonus of being healthy. It’s also a great way to practice things like colours and counting. You could even sneak in a new fruit or two while they’re not looking. Fruit skewers may be a little tricky for younger children − so homemade pizzas may be a better option. If you cut up all the ingredients ahead of time, they’ll happily help you spread the toppings around. Then eagerly wolf down what you’ve made together. For the sweet tooth, how about homemade ice cream sundaes? All you need is some ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and some chopped nuts and you’ve got one awesome homemade dessert!

“Mum, it’s raining outside.”

If you’re happy to have your house slightly rearranged, grab all the blankets and pillows in the house and build a fort! The kids will love that they’ve built their own little spot and it might even help keep the noise down. Add the TV and you’ve got an instant movie theatre. It also keeps the kids out of your hair for a while!

Head outdoors

You may have been to the local park a hundred times, so mix things up with your own mini Olympics. Just set out a course, then use the stopwatch function on your smartphone to see who’s the fastest. If your children aren’t into athletics, hold a scavenger hunt. Make up a list of easily-found items in the local area. Give each child a copy of the list and a bag for their collected items. Then walk them around the local park as they compete to find all the listed objects.

Each time you try a new activity with your children, you’re bound to spark more ideas for next time. Enjoy your precious holidays together and remember to take lots of photos!

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