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DIY tips and tricks: bringing your house to life for Christmas

DIY tips and tricks: bringing your house to life for Christmas

Coles Financial Services 1st Dec 2015 in Home insurance

Christmas is a time to be spent with family and friends, but it’s also a time that can be really stressful. In the hustle and bustle you have to sort out gifts, cook the turkey (or barbeque), and watch the kids – then on top of it all, make your home look the part for the season.

To help you survive this busy period, we’ve pulled together some simple tips to give your home a festive feel, without breaking the bank.

Light up

Nothing says Christmas quite like the twinkling of lights around your home.

If you’re game, there’s the big novelty Santa and reindeer display for your roof, but for a simple fix you could just string up some coloured fairy lights. The great thing about these is you can hang them almost anywhere, for example, across the veranda or from the branches of a tree.

Little touches

Little changes can make such a difference. You’ll be amazed at the impact a few festive cushions can make on the living room. You can also add that Christmas feel to your house by hanging up some themed prints like images of Santa’s village, holly, elves or nativity scenes.

To make it smell like Christmas too, pick up a few scented candles to burn around the house. Opt for scents like sugar plum, cloves, or cinnamon to add that little bit extra to your home during the silly season.

Crafty kids

Craft books and magazines are full of great ideas about how to make your own knick-knacks for Christmas. You can make things like tree decorations or wreaths. Even better, involve the kids and you’ll end up with heaps of gifts for Grandma this year.

Get the kids started with some coloured pencils and paper. They’ll love drawing Santa and his reindeer, and seeing their work up on the fridge. You could even frame their art and hang it on the walls!

But there’s no need to stop at drawing. Help them paint and decorate polystyrene balls to make Christmas baubles or show them how to create their own Christmas stockings. Get them some pipe cleaners, coloured paper, glue and glitter and let them be creative.

Baked goods

There’s no doubt Christmas is the time of year for great food (and maybe a few cheeky eggnogs).

Baking will add to the festive feel of any home in a number of ways. The sweet aromas from a freshly baked fruitcake or shortbread will have your guests’ mouths watering. You can even set up a Christmas cookie decorating station and have a competition out of who can make the best one.

When you add this to the smell of roast or barbequed meats, you’ll have a house filled with a delightful concoction of festive fragrances.

No matter whether you string up some lights, get crafty or whip up scrumptious treats - with these tips it’ll be easy to get in the Christmas spirit this year. Good luck!

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