Everyday swaps and stops to save money now

Coles Financial Services 7th Jul 2016 in Financial services

You don't have to live like a pauper to save money. By shopping smarter and changing a few lifestyle habits, you can still enjoy life’s luxuries at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few ways to help save you money without having to miss out.

Ditch the take-away

It may seem easier to buy your lunch every day and grab a coffee on the way to work, but take a look at how much you’re spending – those daily cups of coffee and take-away lunches add up, and quickly! Think ahead. When you do your weekly grocery shop, pop in a few extras so you can make your own lunches and save the coffee for when you’re out with friends.

Home cooking is not only less expensive, but it’s usually far healthier. If you’re time-poor, consider investing in a slow cooker or cook in bulk and freeze for use later in the week.

Bring your transport costs down

Keep an eye on the fuel price cycle and fill up your tank when fuel is at its cheapest. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you fill up using a price reduction fuel offer too. Think about when you use your car. Could you walk instead of drive, or could you use public transport to reduce parking costs?

Driving efficiently and keeping your tyres at the correct pressure can also help reduce your fuel consumption - check out the Department of Environment’s website for some more tips.

The value of vouchers

There are many websites which have great deals on lifestyle and entertainment if you’re looking to treat yourself and others. The savvy shopper should also check their shopping receipts as there are often good deals to be found there too.

Backyard savings

Join communities such as Freecycle or RecycleOz where you can get clothes, furniture, and other goods for free. Plus many a bargain can be found in garage sales and local charity shops.

Give creatively

Instead of buying gifts and cards, make them! It will also keep the kids amused and encourage them to get creative. Give the gift of time by putting a voucher in a friend’s card offering to babysit, cook a tasty meal, or help in the garden.

Change your lifestyle

Instead of meeting friends for lunch, enjoy a coffee together, or better still, get fit and active and meet for a walk instead. If you’re paying gym memberships or entertainment subscriptions, seriously look at whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make some day-to-day savings. Once you start saving a bit here and there through your savvy shopping and lifestyle habits, you’ll be surprised at how it adds up. Then, you can put the extra towards a dream holiday or reducing your mortgage.

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