How to supercharge your flybuys with flybuys Fast Track

Coles Financial Services 1st Mar 2016 in Financial services

Once you’ve got your flybuys card, then you’re ready to take off and start fast tracking those points to reap the rewards and benefits.

All you have to do now is to shop at a Coles supermarket, swipe your flybuys card at the checkout and the points will be added to your account. Simple – you’re getting points for doing what you do normally!

However, with Coles Financial Services you can supercharge your flybuys, which will help you get to your reward quicker.

Using Mr and Mrs Smith and their two children as an imaginary example, here’s how you can do it.

Rewarded for the weekly shop

With flybuys, for each $1 you spend, you get 1 point. Let’s say the family’s weekly total food shop comes to $100. This means that each week they will get 100 points if they swipe their flybuys card at the Coles supermarket checkout just by doing their weekly grocery shop.

Points for peace of mind

Mr and Mrs Smith want peace of mind for their car in case there is a problem, so Mr Smith takes out Coles Car Insurance.

What’s great is they’ve just doubled their point collecting power. Instead of collecting one flybuys point for each $1 they spend, they are now collecting two – meaning they will get 200 points for that $100 weekly shop*.

Supercharging with a credit card

Mr and Mrs Smith decide they would like a bit more flexibility with their finances, so take out a Coles Rewards MasterCard. Now they are collecting 2 additional points for each $1 they spend**.

How they add up

So, let’s look at how their points add up.

Mr and Mrs Smith are now collecting 400 points for their weekly $100 shop instead of just 100 points, meaning they will get to their reward 4x faster than if they hadn’t taken out Coles Car Insurance and a Coles Rewards MasterCard.

The more you have, the more you supercharge

If Mr and Mrs Smith take out additional Coles Insurance policies, such as home or landlord insurance, they can triple or even quadruple their earning power*, collecting up to 400 EXTRA POINTS for each $100 shop, just for having three insurance policies. They will collect even more points by having a Coles Rewards MasterCard too.

The Coles Reward MasterCard isn’t the only card you can supercharge your points on. With the Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard and the Coles Low Rate MasterCard, you’ll collect 1 point for every $2 spent on eligible transactions**.

If you had the whole suite of Coles Financial Services products, you could collect 700 flybuys points for each $100 shop! That means you could get $10 off your shop every 3 weeks, when you redeem 2,000 points at the checkout***.

If you want to do some more number crunching, check out our calculator to see how easy it is to fast track your points with Coles Financial Services.


Terms & conditions

* flybuys EXTRA POINTS are collected from the date your flybuys membership is linked to your Coles Insurance policy and for the term of the policy. No flybuys EXTRA POINTS will be collected for the month in which your policy terminates. No EXTRA POINTS collected on any third party car insurance policies. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply. flybuys EXTRA POINTS are collected on transaction balance after savings and discounts and excluding gift cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases. Coles means Coles Supermarkets, BiLO and Coles online only. Maximum 1,000 EXTRA POINTS per policy per month.

** flybuys points only collected on eligible transactions. Eligible transactions are explained in the Coles MasterCard Loyalty Terms and Conditions. Eligible transactions exclude cash advances, credit fees or charges, credits, refunds, reimbursements, business purchases or balance transfers to your account. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see

*** 2,000 flybuys points are required to redeem $10 off at the checkout each time. Excludes Coles Express and Coles online. Minimum spend is $10.05 after savings and discounts in one transaction at Coles Supermarkets and BI-LO (excluding smoking/tobacco related product purchases, Coles Group gift cards and iTunes cards)

Coles Credit Cards. Coles is a registered trademark of Coles Financial Services Pty Ltd. MasterCard® and the MasterCard brand mark are registered trademarks and PayPass is a trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Credit facility provided by Wesfarmers Finance Pty Ltd ABN 58 601 282 455, Australian Credit Licence number 470916.

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Standard underwriting criteria apply. Coles receives commission for each insurance policy sold. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement and terms and conditions available at to see if it’s right for you. Any advice provided is of a general nature only and does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice you should consider its appropriateness.

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