Christmas hacks to save you money

Coles Financial Services 8th Dec 2015 in Credit cards

This Christmas, think of yourself as a thrifty Santa, giving just as much – but at half the cost. Sound good? Here’s our top Christmas hacks to help you do it.

1. Start early

The early bird not only gets worm – they get it at a discount. To save money, start looking for bargains well before the Christmas season begins. Try to buy Christmas wrapping and decorations in the sales – after all, Rudolf never goes out of style! And while the kids might not yet have their wish lists sorted, you can find great knick-knacks for Christmas hampers or extended relatives. The idea is to slowly build up Christmas loot so when December comes you find you have already done half the work!

2. Plan your meals

Aside from presents, a big expense around Christmas is groceries. Before you know it there are lunches, dinners and big breakfasts to prepare for. And with the kids home from school, food seems to magically disappear. Pay less by researching weekly specials and planning your meals around what’s on sale.

3. Buy online

Shopping in-store, it’s easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and decide you definitely need chocolate Santas, more tinsel or reindeer antlers for your dog. Avoid unnecessary spending by shopping online. Impulse purchases are less likely if you’re sitting at a computer with a list. It’s also easier to compare the specials. Plus if you have a Coles Credit Card, you get free delivery each time you spend $100 or more at Coles online.1

4. Sharing is caring

Christmas is all about sharing delicious food with family and friends, so if you’re hosting this year, ask your guests to each bring a dish to your lunch/dinner. It’ll cut down your costs and save time in the kitchen… and make your Christmas meal even more delicious. Hello Nana’s amazing fruit mince pies and Aunty Sue’s pavlova.

5. Buy in bulk

If you have a big family or lots of friends, save yourself time and money by buying presents in bulk and creating Christmas goody bags. Think scented candles, travel-size body wash, chocolates – it’s up to you. Some pretty wrapping paper and a heartfelt card will personalise each present.

6. Get crafty

Bring out the glitter glue. Home made cards are always more personal – and less likely to be thrown away. If you have kids, put on carols and have a Crafternoon of card-making. If you’re feeling extra thrifty, for friends and family that live interstate, save yourself the cost of envelopes and send Christmas postcards instead. Otherwise, you could get creative with an online e-card or homemade video?

1 Receive free delivery each time you spend $100 or more, after savings and discounts, with a Coles Credit Card at Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Offer excludes tobacco and tobacco related product purchases and remote delivery orders. To see if we deliver to your area, visit and enter your postcode. Normal delivery terms and conditions apply.

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